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The Tale of Your Life: October 2008

Where you understand life-changing meaning through other people's experience.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Your Life On Your Hand

Will you advise a person to work hard to overcome his poverty, which is not his destiny?

Or in other words, take control of his life?

Will it be as far as his own life?

How far different is it?

What will you tell him? That there is more in life? Love?

What about “He is selfish, he only thinks about himself”?

Have you think about yourself? That are telling people to do what you want them to, instead of letting them taking control of what is to be more than them than it is yours? Who is more selfish?

Is their body really god given and only god can take them away?

Or is it them who stole it from god and that’s why they are suffering, that’s why they eager to return it?

How sure are you that it is not? You are not dead yet.

If you really want to help, perhaps you should die first and tell them the truth about dying; as one of our many gods did.

This makes me wonder, should this god prevent others from following his path?

Inspire after watching “The Sea Inside”.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can You Feel The Force?

Just when I thought that we finally have broken the rule of the universe, I found out that we are actually not. We all guided by a force, like the wave of the sea, which you can predict, that flows around us, as historians believe that history repeats itself.

Just when I thought that the US will be the first country to overcome racial discrimination by voting for Obama, I found out that it was actually not, like a wave which you can see from far. As American had been rejecting their minors to be president all the while, now, they felt that they were threaten by the Asian immigrants, which are a growing number there. Out of nothing, they felt that the African-Americans are more American than the Asians. If Asians had not been increasing there, I doubt that Obama would come this far.

This means that we all are still racist even if Obama get to be the president. We haven't get out of the discriminating wave yet. It just shift from black to yellow. The world and us will continue to be racist as the system haven't change.

The world will still progress with it's own pace, nevermind if Obama wins or not. It will not change drastically. We are the one that hope for drastic change (if you follow my blog, you will find this as one of human characteristic), but we did not do enough to change it. The world will still only go one step at a time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Once a reporter who is amazed by a calligrapher writing with both hands at one time. The reporter asks the calligrapher how he learn the skill.

The calligrapher said, "During World War II, my hand was broken by a soldier. After that I have no choice but to learn to write with my left hand, since my career is a writer. After the war, my right hand slowly recovered and now I can choose which hand I like to use."

Happy times do not make us learn. We become a better person by going through difficulties.

So, going to heaven do not improve us because everyone is happy there. Should we be more appreciate if we are sent to hell?














Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why So Serious?

Criminals aren't complex. So is human. They are either lost, gone the wrong direction, in the right path or jumping down the line we all walk on. Those jumping down are most given up. We have a name for them, suicide. While those heading in the right direction do not cause any problem. The rest are the agent of chaos.

If you can't understand someone (especially your boss), follow instructions below:

1. Look for his goal.

2. See whether he is heading the right direction.

3. (If you read this direction, he is probably not.) Advice him.

4. (If you read this direction, he is probably unadviceable.) Revise your direction.

5. Plan your new way to that direction.

6. Leave him, bravely.

You can follow my direction or like the example below:

A man lost in the jungle. He found another man who is also lost. That man told him that he had lost two more days than the man earlier and he knew the jungle better than him. The first man follow him as though he had found a hope. Later, the first man found out that the directing man doesn't has a compass, worst, he is walking in a circle. The first man had a compass but the directing man told him that it is useless. So, they stay in the same position.

Something wrong?

So are your boss!

Now I tell you not really.

If your boss enjoys the feelings of lost. He will most probably ask you this question:

Why so serious?

Then you better hope that you also enjoy trapping in the jungle.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny Thing About Chasing the Tiger

Today I found another funny side of human. All normal healthy human know that money will go to those wealthy people as if they were money magnet. So, most of the human work very hard to chase the money.

Lets make it clearer by this example: You are a hunter and you realize that the tiger will chase after a deer. So, you work hard on your foot work so that you can catch up with the tiger.

Funny, isn't it?

Choose only 1 life below:

Life 1: Work very hard, fill your day with your potential customer, have fun when you get rich one day.

Life 2: Do whatever you like so that you can have fun really hard. Have fun so hard that one day you can be really good in having fun.

If you spend time reading books like biography of the really rich, You will know which life Warren Buffet, Bill Gate, and Donald Trump have chosen.

But the funny part is most people do not have time for reading but they go clubbing or supper everynight. I guess they must be really stressed running after the tiger in the day.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Truth You Wouldn't Believe

I am going to teach you a power. Those who think that this article is a bullshit should stop here; while those that fear they are going to change their religious view should, really, stop here. Meanwhile, those religious people should, seriously, click the back button at the top left of your screen like, now. Still want to read? Then read. You wouldn't believe it, anyway.

Ok, now I guess only left me alone writing this blog. I am going to tell you the secret to forsee the future and your pass.

First of all, a little history on how fortune-teller found their way to know your secrets without spying on you. The founders kept a record on all the signs on human body together with how their lifes were spent. Then they analyzed them and found out that everyone that did the same thing in their life tend to leave the same sign on their body. For example, those that live long will have a longer line below their palms. The research went on with people realizing that there are many waves that affect the human mind and stuff like that.

So, this means no tricks or any super power on forseeing the past and the future. The very basic of fortune-telling is actually very scientific. The good news is it is so scientific that everyone that understand that if they jump down the building they will most problably heading down can do it. It is cause and effect, the same basic as science.

Now, get ready for the secret. But before I tell you, I know even if I told, you are not going to believe me. That is the origin of one of the human nature, greed, come from. They want dramatic in their boring life, like a sudden wealth instead of step by step, which cause each and every financial crisis like today's.

Ok, the secret is: What you do now is cause by what you did past; and what you have in your future is cause by what you do now.

Example 1 : You are hungry now. Then you know you haven't eat.

Example 2 : You do not want to eat. Then you can predict that you are going to be hungry in the future.

Hard to believe, isn't it? I warned you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008







What 3M Teach Us




Aren't there something missing?


One of the worst thing we do to our children is telling them what to do. Parents in my country which grow up under this culture tend to do the same to their children by excessively controlling what they do, like telling them what to see on the net and what not to see on the net.

These type of parents contradict themselves by thinking they are helping their children. They are actually destroying them. They think they are teaching their children to fish in a pond with fish they rare. Aren't it ridiculous?

Isn't it like teaching your kids to swim without letting them in the water? Is there reason like your kids are too small to float in water? Give me a break.

Inspire from:

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Word for You

I wonder why people don't understand my blog. Is my English too well? Or is it too deep? I have reasons both of this is not true. My English is not very well, I have many grammar mistakes in my articles. And my articles aren't deep I am sure people can understand. It is as simple as fairy-tale.

So what is it?

Just analyse everything around you and you will find my blog as stupid as kindergarten text book.

Meanwhile, understanding is one thing. Doing it is thousands miles different. Good luck in understanding it. Thanks for saying I am too proud of myself. I have my own problem too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Can't Let Go, That's Why We Drown.

How hard is it to let go?

When we see a way to wealthiness, will we let go?

When we see a way to healthiness, will we let go?

Will we let go the moment of happiness?

Will we let go the moment of calmness?

Will we let go our past?

Should we let go our parents? Our family?

Should we let go our dream?

Should we even letting go the this thought of letting go?

Swimmers understand something none-swimmers don't. That's why the body of none-swimmers will only float when he let go of his hard-headed owner, who will never let go.


Friday, October 17, 2008

We Are all Racist

"If you only have place for your own race, you are discriminating."
The sentence above is taken from Black Eye Peas "Where is the Love" lyrics.
Actually deep down in all of us, we are racist. It is in our blood. If you disagree, answer questions below:
  1. 1. If two old ladies, one if of your own race the other is not, falls down which will you help? If you only can help one of them.
  2. 2. A kid of your own race and a kid of other race are drowning in a river and you can only save one, which would you choose?
  3. 3. A company of your own race and a company of other race are facing bankrupcy, your government can only save one, which company will you wish your government to save?
  4. 4. An orphanage of your own race and an orphanage of other race needs your help now, which will you go?
  5. 5. A beauty from your own race marry an ugly fella from another race. Would you rather wish she marry someone ugly of your own race?

Whatever you are deep inside, just don't make it a scene. Other race want to live as well as yours.

(Inspire from,9171,1848769,00.html)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walk the Line

Since we were born, we were put on a line to walk, not knowing where it ends, and we just keep moving forward.
Everything we learn in life is how to balance.
Everything we do is balancing.
Once we lose balance, we fall.
Some simply give up. We got a name for it, suicide.
We do not know where we are heading but hoping that it is worth the effort.
Some how, everyone falls at a point. No one reach the other side.
Maybe falling down is the other side...
Do you know what I'm talking about?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Defeated Hare

Below are the press conference with the hare after the hare and tortoise race.
(Q:question by reporter, H:hare)
Q:Why did you stop and rest?
H:The tortoise is far behind. I thought he will never catch up no matter how.
Q:What makes you think you are winning?
H:Isn't that obvious? How can some one like that catch me? If I can't beat him, I would have dead long ago, hunt by the hunter.
Q:When you were resting, you never give it a second thought?
H:I did. I look forward at the end point and to the tortoise. The end point is just in front of me; the tortoise is far behind. I think and think and think forward and backward and there is not a reason the tortoise can catch up with me. Then only I decided to stop and rest.
Thinking too much in the future or too much in the past will not bring us any result, because we only live now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Simple Truth, You Wouldn't Believe

The tortoise and the hare had agreed to have a race. Below are part of the press conference from the tortoise.
(Q:queastion by the reporter, T:Tortoise)
Q:Why do you want to race the hare?
T:I wanted to show the world that everything is possible.
Q:What makes you think you can win the race?
T:I don't think I can win the race. I just know everything is possible eventhough it is seconds before the race end.
Q:How are you going to prepare for the race?
T:By making sure the food I ate is digested to energy, the energy transform to power, and the power strengten my body.
Q:Any strategy to win the race?
T:Keep moving until the race end.
And the tortoise win the race.
Things are simple in the world. So, simple that we could not believe it. It's our life so boring that we always hope for something extraordinary. The further the journey to extraordinary, the further we are from the truth.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are Leaders Born?

Why so few of us really make things happen?
Why only one person really does it when everyone knows what to do?
Why we feel hopeless while leaders give us hope?
Where do their energy come from?
If god is fair, we all have the same resources. But why only certain person get to inspire people to do things (whether he/she is an atheist or not)?
Everyone knows that in order to make the person in the mirror moves, we have to move first. Why only certain people really applying it?
Why don't we feel the same way the leaders feel?
Why we have to wait for someone to tell us that climate change is happening?
Why we felt despair while the leaders search for solution?
Why do we blame others for making us despair to make us feel better?
Why do we get despair and wait for the leaders to inspire us?
Why wait for inspiration since the leaders are also human and they don't wait for it?
Why we wait for others to give instructions, so that if anything went wrong, we always have someone to blame?
Why blame them since we refuse to move in the first place?
Why we always blame those who make move, since it is us, whether we make a move or not, that let it happen?
Don't you feel foolish when you sit in front of the mirror blaming others because the person in the mirror won't pick up his/her hand?
Why don't we grow up and pick up responsibility?
Since not everyone is smart enough to realize that he/she have to move before the person in the mirror moves, I wonder, are leaders born?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Chinese Dilemma

One morning, a shop assistance went to work at a sundry shop as usual. The only different today is that the door of the shop had been broken into. Just when the assistance walks near the door, two police man walk out. One of them even greet the assistance.
The assistance walked in the shop realizing that the shop is a mess and almost everything valuable were gone. The assistance then walked straight to the owner which had been there earlier. The assistance asked, “You call the cops?” “No. They saw it.” The owner answered.
The assistance asked again, “Did you told them who did this?” The owner said, “No.” “Why? The whole neighborhood knows who.” Asked the assistance with frustrate. “It will be worst if the robber knows we told the cops.”
“How can the robber do anything to you if the cops have them? “ Said the assistance.
“What if they don’t? They’ll burn my shop down!” said the owner.
True story from Chinatown, US.
Also visit this page:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where will a Corrupted government bring its people?

Corruption is the biggest enemy of democratic. It happen in third world country which try to be democraric. It is also clear in the China history where corruption seldom occur during Socialist era. Look at how corrupt an open China is.
Below are news of a third world country trying to be democratic:
Instead, it is the U.S.-backed Afghan government, which analysts and some government officials say is not only weak but rife with corruption, from local police in the remote provinces to high-level ministers in Kabul. The central government appears unable or unwilling to stem corruption and the drug trade or to establish rule of law, causing some people in the south to turn to the strict Taliban for justice instead of the slow-moving and often corrupt judiciary.
"What kind of proof in this country do we need to say there are problems?" asked Daoud Sultanzoy, a parliament member who until recently was an ally of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "It is not the strength of the Taliban that has won over people and hundreds of villages in this country. It is the weakness of the government."
Every Afghan has a story about corruption. The electronics shop owner in my old neighborhood in the capital Kabul hasn't had electricity for the past year. Reason: he refuses to pay the $400 bribe to secure a connection to the electrical grid. That, of course, is a minor issue. Need, aggravated by limited supply, allows petty corruption to flourish in every corner of the world without necessarily feeding an insurgency. But what about the driver of an Afghan friend who was picked up one day by the police, beaten, stripped naked and left outside in the snow for several nights until his employer paid a bribe of $3,000 to release him? "We could have complained afterwards," says the employer. "But then we could have been charged ourselves for bribery."
It is not uncommon for criminals to bribe their way out of prison in Afghanistan. But in the north, where warlords still command private militias and enrich their armies by running lucrative smuggling routes, impunity is rife. Police often refuse to register cases against well-known criminals, for fear of retaliation and more often because they are on the take. When Amruddin's 13-year-old daughter was kidnapped in Sar-i-pul province last year, he had to pay for the local police officer's fuel in order to get the officer to visit the café where she had last been seen. The officer was no help. When Amruddin — who, like most poor farmers in Afghanistan, only has one name — finally found his daughter a week later, she identified the police officer as one of her eight rapists. Three other suspects worked for the village strongman. When their case came to the local prosecutor, he dismissed it, saying there wasn't enough evidence. More likely, says Amruddin, there wasn't enough of a bribe. Amruddin says that in order to raise enough money for all the necessary bribes, he sold his two other daughters, ages 9 and 11, for $5,000. "I had to sell them in order to pursue this case," he says. "What else can I do? I am not a pimp, a coward, to let these men get away with what they did. I will sell all of my children if that is what it takes to get justice."
If a government is too deep in corrupt, these are the ways the people are heading.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Living in a Corrupted Country

My parent have to pay to give birth to me.
My parent have to pay to get me to school.
My parent have to pay to give me food.
My parent have to pay for the food they earned.
My parent have to pay to make a living.
My parent have to pay for the place we stay.
My parent have to pay for the money they earned.
My parent have to pay to see doctor.
My parent have to pay so that I don't get rape when selling dried fish.
My parent have to pay for the fish they sold.
My parent have to pay so that the police will protect them, not harm them.
My parent have to pay so that those very powerful guy stay powerful.
My parent have to pay so that they don't break any law.
My parent have to pay for my wedding.
My parent have to pay for the coffin when they left.
I realize that I have to be really rich to stay in this world. Today I wish a dream. I will make sure I do not need to pay for anything instead others will pay for me, like those very happy man that wave in fancy cot, which appears in television everyday. I will do anything to make sure my dream comes true.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why do we grow up?

Why do we fall?
So that we can learn to pick ourself up.
But did it happen?
Yes. We learn from our mistake.
Why do we grow up?
So that we learn more about the world.
For what?
There is a better chance to stay a life if we understand the world.
Or in other words, to be in control.
But are we really in control?
The more we feel in control, the more we worry about it going wrong. The more we worry it will go wrong, the more we do to prevent it from happen. As we do more to keep it in control, the further away we are from our power.
As we give up, everything gone with the wind, suddenly. We feel in control again, with our body fill with fresh power, again, to get back in control.
I guess that is why they have this proverb:
If we grisp hard, there is nothing inside. If we open it and relax, we've got the world in it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


在电影“The Shawshank Redemtion”里,Red说了一句令我难忘的一句话:
“Hope is a very dangerous thing.”

God vs Parent

Who create you?
Who feed you?
Who give you protection?
Who protect you from danger?
Who teach you about life?
Who is the first to show you love?
Who show you the difference between evil and good?
Who give you whatever you want to make you happy?
Who make sure you have proper education?
Who worry whenever you are in trouble?
Who help you from trouble despite the consequences?
Who work hard to make your life comfortable?
Who teach you about god?
If you give yourself to god by abandoning your parent, will you deserve to go heaven?
If you deny god to save your parent, will you deserve to go heaven?
Which person will you be?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A path to heaven

This story is from 1982 film "Gandhi".
Once a Hindu man came to Gandhi telling him that he is going to hell. Gandhi asked him why?
"In the civil war, I killed a ten year old Muslim. But the Muslim killed my boy first." explained that Hindu.
"I know a way to heaven." answered Gandhi.
That hindu man looked at Gandhi with hope.
"Find a Muslim boy about ten year old, which parent was killed in the war and raise him, in the Muslim way." said Gandhi.

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