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The Tale of Your Life: December 2008

Where you understand life-changing meaning through other people's experience.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is This Karma?

Young, innocent Jack saw a bird nest with a few baby birds on top of a small tree. Jack felt something interesting about this scenario. He ran up and shook the tree.

It was such an impotent tree. It shook vigorously when Jack pushed the tiny trunk. The nest fell with all the baby birds tweeting in shock.

Jack felt satisfied for a moment. Then he felt bad as if he is the one who fell from the tree far a way from his parents. He would have horrified to dead.

So, Jack picked up the baby birds and put them back in to the nest. He then climbed up the tree, tried to place the nest back.

It was such a tiny tree and it broke when Jack was on top of it. Both Jack and baby birds fell back to the ground again. Only this time, Jack will be paralyzed for a very long time.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What If You Are Wrong?

Why people like to put their own understanding upon things they don’t understand so that they can assume they understood?

Is it caused by fear? They fear the things they cannot understand?

Or is it power?

When more people believe the assumption they thought they understood, they gain power. The power grew stronger day by day until someday someone holds a concrete proof that they are wrong for thousands of years. What do you think will happen?

They fought hard, just to proof that they have been right. Until one day many innocence sacrifice, then maybe they will realize all this is unnecessary, all they have to do is to admit their mistake and change their mind.

Or worst, they fought hard just to make sure their power remains, this includes the sacrificial of many innocence.

Is these the reasons why people against CERN from finding out Higgs Particle?





Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Innocent Deed

An innocent young boy, jack, saw a bird nest on a tree. He thought it will be fun to mess it out. So, he pick up a half-broken brick and threw it to the nest. He threw it many times until it actually hit the nest down. The brick was stuck between branches and the nest drop with all the eggs crash.

Jack walked away, satisfy.

One day, Jack walked pass the tree. A wind brew and the branch waver. The brick where Jack threw on to the tree droped on Jack's head.

Jack was then sent to the hospital and is prescribed a brain damage.

Jack's parent get mad and decided to chop that tree down. And then the environmentalist is against the act and both parties created conflicts...

The story may not be true but this is my understanding of what goes around, comes around.

After the circle of deeds is over, more conflicts appeared from no where. Don't you think all evil in the world started like this?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why is Working Life Sucks?

The Matrix is right. Human will be satisfy and feel the illusion of freedom as long as they are given a choice.

What is the difference between staying at home doing whatever you like and go to work like a dog to earn that few penny? The first has the freedom to choose whatever they like to do; the latter does not have a choice but just to complete the work.

Being at home doing nothing or having a whole day free allows us to make choices on what we like to do today. Go to work means working to complete today's tasks without any other option.

That is why people say working life sucks. It is just the illusion of having choices or not.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Smart-arse Company

There is a smart-arse living in a company my friend works in.

When the founder of the company past away, that smart-arse workhard to show the next boss that he is good. He work so hard that he knows everything in the company leaving behind the next boss, which is the blur-case son of deceased founder.

As time goes by, the new boss getting blurer and blurer that he became dependent to that smart-arse.

One day, that smart-arse threathen the boss that he is leaving the company and there will be no one knows how to run it. The only way to stop this from is to resign and pass over the company to the smart-arse.

The boss believe that threat and resign. He do not want to destroy the company his father built.

Now, that smart-arse, which is from an executive management background, hire a few manager with the same background to run the company with him.

None of them knows nothing about sales, marketing, and branding and obviously the sales went jumping down the window. It do not need a good brain to tell why the sales are so bad.

The smart-arse and his team now blaim the lorry driver for not marketing the product well.

Aren't this a smart-arse company?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


According to Meriam-Webster, sincere means free of dissimulation,free from adulteration, marked by genuineness.

I think there is a special connection between human, especially in sincerity:

When we write sincerly, people read.

When we talk sincerly, people listen.

When we do sincerly, people follow.

When we sale sincerly, people buy.

When we are sincere, people feel it.

It is just so simple but many could not do it. They find it hard to be sincere to others. They afraid that people might heard their weak unsincere heart.








Sunday, December 14, 2008


A bowl of rice costs 50 cents and another exactly same bowl costs 1 dollar. Which will you buy?

My colleague will tell you they will buy the 50 cents rice but they will go to the fancy restaurant and pay a dollar plus for that rice, when they are hungry. They thought rich people eats there and they are rich enough after all the hard work they have done in the office.

When asked about rich people and money, it seems that everyone knows their history and the way they become rich. But I bet none of them understand it. The rich people are either obsess in their work that they just grab whatever they have in the corner to fill their stomach; or safe every penny to invest in the cheapest stock they can find with the highest value.

I did not see any of these attitudes in them. Those made me wonder where they will be 20 years from now. Are they lost?


下班了,许多同事都没立刻回家。起初还以为他们只是想在老板面前装勤劳,后来就知道原来完全不是。 他们说回家也是一个人,无所事事的,倒不如多留在公司。





Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Protagonist’s Weaknesses

Have you ever wonder why we like to watch movie?

I think that’s because we like to think things that we cannot achieve, at least at the moment when we watch a movie.

We all know that it is our weaknesses that make each of our life unique. But did you realize that it is the weakness of the protagonist in a movie that makes the movie interesting? The more weaknesses the protagonist has, the better the movie will be.

I can see many people try to run away from their weakness. If they hope for a regular life, they might be heading the right direction. What about those running away from their weaknesses but try so hard to live above the average?

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Life at the Moment

It had been raining for at least 13 hours here in Kuala Lumpur. It had been a long time since I have the time to fill my life with music, music and nothing but music.

Everybody Loves Irene, an Indonesian band, is what I like most. I have listened to it like a thousand times but it still caught me into its “Hybrid Moment”.

Next is the theme song from Studio Ghibli’s, Tales from Earthsea. Although I haven’t watched the show, I can feel a deep desire of peace in it, like humans have been fighting for hundred years, only to try to prove that they are correct.

Then I realize that I have not share my life, like what I like and what I do on the blog with all readers of my blog. I apologize on that. I am a simple man with simple need. I only read, blog, listen to songs and watch movies during free time.

Realize that it is cheap? Yeah, as said by Forrest Gump’s Mother, “People only need a small amount of money to live. The others are for showing off.” But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save money and invest for our future’s sake.









Friday, December 5, 2008

Is this the Other Dimension?

As we all know that we connect to this world through our six senses:

1. Eye- receive frequency between 4.28 x 1014 Hz and 7.14 x 1014 Hz

2. Ear- receive frequency between frequency between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz

3. Nose- receive infinite number of distinct smell

4. Skin- receive pressure and heat

5. Tongue- receive sour and salty through ion channels while receive sweet, bitter, and umami through G protein coupled receptors

6. Others extra

What if our senses is not the above but had shifted to the below:

1. Eye- receive frequency between 7.14 x 1014 Hz and 1.28 x 1015 Hz

2. Ear- receive frequency between 21,000 Hz and 100,000 Hz

3. Nose- receive infinite no of distinct smell

4. Skin- receive pressure between 10-5 Pa (light pressure) and 6 x 10−4 Pa (calm room sound pressure)

5. Tongue- receive any other tastes but sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and umami

6. Others extra

What world will we be in? Will we be still in the same place and the same time? We do not interact because all frequencies are different? Are those living in that world experiencing the same time and share the same space with us but we cannot see, hear, smell and touch them because our frequencies are so different? Just like the radio wave where you turn different frequencies to listen to different radio channel.

What will that world look like?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Purpose of Life

If you were given a chance to change something in the world, what will you change?

Before you answer this question, read carefully. The answer will determine your future, at least until you change your answer.

I'd read an article from Forbes website that entrepreneurs change things, they do not follow business that everyone does. Entrepreneurs are the group that do what they feel they can change.

Actually I do not think this answer should be answer by entrepreneurs or to-be-entrepreneurs only. I think every one should give a really deep thought in it. It will give a person the purpose of life.

Read this page realize how much time we have left in life and what is the purpose so far. Then answer my question above. Some of you might thought of giving up. But I think giving up is another way of suicide. What is the difference between giving up your life and giving up the purpose of your life?

Monday, December 1, 2008


Do you believe in:

Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom.


If yes, read on; if no, stop reading because you won't get anything from this post.

Do your religious leader encourage you to be in doubts?


You tell me that.

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