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The Tale of Your Life: January 2009

Where you understand life-changing meaning through other people's experience.

Friday, January 30, 2009

In the Middle of No Where

One day, a man wakes up and find him on a middle of a road heading to some place he do not know. He look back and sees a thousands yards cliff deep down that if he jumps it will lead him back to where he came from.

He then tries to look pass the road in front, sees where it will lead him. But the road seems endless that he could have died before he reaches the end of it.

Just when he is thinking whether he should step forward to the road, sees what the road have for him or step backward down the cliff to end his life; the land where he is stepping starts to crack. The man has no choice but to step forward to the road or he will end up dead down the cliff.

Aren’t we all born as this man? In the middle of no where, force to step forward while we still not clear where the road leads.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Blind & the Baby

Once, a captain of a ship hires 20 blinds to work on his ship. He promised the blinds that they were heading a land full of gold.

While in the middle of the sea, the captain died of heart attack.

The blinds got panic. They do not wish for gold or any other benefits anymore. Their lives are now in danger for none of them have any idea when their ship is going to hit something, sink all of them into the dark sea.

Suddenly, they heard a baby crying. It is one of the pregnant blind lady had just gave birth. The blinds, after a deep thought, see hope.

After days of carefully taking-care, they, full of hope, carried the baby to the highest spot of the ship, help the baby high, then try to figure out which direction the baby is suggesting.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Selling Apples Tells Us?

Jack and Jill went into the same apple farm to pluck apple. Jack will pluck all fresh apples in the farm but Jill plucks apples that are big, red and fresh. Both of them will sell the apple at their stall the next day. Jack’s stall is just next to Jill’s stall at the same crowded location.

Jack went home and rest went with 100 apples.

Jill went home and rest with only 50 apples.

The next day, at Jack’s stall, there is a signboard that writes “fresh from farm apple”. Jack is selling 50 cents for an apple.

Jill’s stall also has a signboard that writes “only fresh and large apple from farm” and smaller but not tiny words “refundable if not fresh”, with 70 cents an apple.

Who creates more impact on you?

Who will you buy from when you want to buy large apple?

Who will you buy from when you just want to buy apple?

Who will you buy from when you want to buy apple as a gift?

Calculate the possibililities of when you want to buy from Jack and when you want to buy from Jill.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Air Inside

Once, an old man who sells balloons bought a new tank of high quality helium gas. While filling up the balloon, he only managed to fill up one black balloon. Then he found out that the tank was broken and it couldn’t be used any more. While waiting for the new tank to arrive on warranty, he filled the other balloons with ordinary helium.

While selling it in the carnival, a young boy came up to the old man, quietly searching for his favorite balloon. The young boy saw a black balloon floating high above all the others and it is the only balloon that flow, turn and dance when the wind blow. Unfalteringly, he chose the black balloon.

“There are so many bright colorful balloon some even have colors of the rainbow. You sure you want the black one?” asked the old man. The young boy noded, without hesitate.

“The black balloon is the best balloon I’ve ever see,” answered the young boy.

So, the old man handed him the black balloon. While the young boy pays the money, the old man grips his hand and said, “Remember, it is not the color of the balloon that makes the balloon dance. It is the air inside the balloon that gives him the quality,” leaving the money in the young boy’s hand.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will You End It?

Here is a situation:

You are born in a single parent family. Your mother past away when you were five and your father is an orphan. Both of you are completely alone after your mother’s death. You feel the entire world is only complete if both of you are in it together.

One day, you found your father murdered. His life was taken because he tried to threat a generous millionaire who spends millions on charity every year. There will be hundreds of life at jeopardized if this millionaire is death because they are completely relying on his fund to stay a full stomach.

After your father’s death, your life is completely empty. You often hope that you might as well never appear in the world before. Now, as your sadness flares, you are given a chance to take this millionaire’s life away, without any consequence.

Will you do it?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza War Through Children’s Eyes

I always believe that children often see things more clearly than adults. Their minds do not have too much information about something which, most of the time, will cause perspective. If you try to tell them how the war in Gaza started, in their innocent mind, this will probably be the picture:

Once, someone really great had created Country A and Country B. Country A says he is square while Country B says he is round. Both of them accuse each other disloyal because,

i)Country A thinks Country B does not even recognize their savior which is square. How can they say he is round? Thus, Country B must be ungrateful person and all ungrateful people are bad.

ii)Country B thinks Country A does not even recognize their savior which is round. How can they say he is square? Thus, Country A must be ungrateful person and all ungrateful people are bad.

With this in mind, both of them think the other should be dead because they are ungrateful to their savior.

After hundreds years of war, Country A realize that people in Country B are fool and not worth the sacrifice. So, they finally made a decision to ignore these foolish people.

Unfortunately Country B still thinks that ungrateful people in of Country A shouldn’t even exist in the world. So, Country B fires a bomb to Country A when country A decided to ignore country B.

This made country A mad. Country A send his army to attack country B. Instead of attacking those involved in the bombing, Country A army attack all the innocence, like women and children.

(The end of story)

These children will probably ask these questions:

1.It’s only square or round. Why people in country A and Country B get so serious?

2.Will the winner get their favorite toy?

3.Square or round, aren’t he the same creator? Maybe both of them can’t really remember the face. This happen to me sometime.

Then the adult will tell the children who ask these questions:

1.It is not just square or round. It is something larger and more important. (Such as? Anything more important than the one that gives you life?)

2.You guys are just kid. You’ll understand when you grow up. (Understand what? Understand how different square and round actually is?)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Busy Malaysians

An unofficial research shows how Malaysian spends their extra time:

1. Sleep another 5 to 15 minutes instead of using it to exercise.

2. Traffic jam for 2 hours to work.

3. Skip breakfast to safe time but end up gossiping.

4. Spend half an hour talking nonsense to lighten up from work.

5. Spend exactly one hour at lunch which actually only need 30 minutes to finish.

6. Chat a bit because the stomach needs energy to digest lunch.

7. Spend half an hour talking nonsense again, this time has to wait for some procedure to be done in order to continue working.

8. Spend 30 minutes to one hour extra at the office after work just to show that they are actually hardworking.

9. Traffic jam for 2 hours to get home.

10. Spend 1 to 2 hours rest from ‘busy work’.

11. Spend 2 to 3 hours ‘yam-cha’ (supper) with friends; or catch Chinese (soap) drama.

This is how busy Malaysians are. They do not have time to watch news, call mom, read books, read newspaper, learning new knowledge, think, etc.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Root of All Evil is Ego (not Greed)

Where does greed come from? Ego.

Where does ego come from? Conscious Mind.

Who controls conscious mind? Master of the mind.

How ego creates greed? The master tells the mind that he deserves more than what he has. So, the mind tells the body to get back what he deserves.

How greed creates all evil? As from above, the mind creates something from nothing, by claiming that others property is usually his. People usually do it by persuading but some do it with force. The latter will create hatreds and thus sin is born. The other party will try to get it back and this will deepens and widens the sin.

Don’t you think this is true?

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Value for Money

Many blogs have touched on New Year. To be creative, though I know I am not very, but I always try to be, I will give an advice on money for the New Year, which is predicted to be worsened.

Saving may be a great advice in a recession. But the government’s spending policy will be madness if you agreed on the first advice.

As we all know, in a recession inflation hits the sky. Inflation, according to dictionary, means an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services resulting in a continuing rise in the general price level.

Or in human languages, money decreases value.

I remember my mom told me that she use to buy a bowl of mee soup with 20 cent and my grandfather used to buy a bungalow with RM1k.

After three or four recessions like what it is happening today, a mee soup costs RM4 ++, while the bungalow costs RM1mil.

If you think that real estate always increase value, I will tell you that mee soup is a great investment because the price multiply as the real estate, and it is very affordable. Why don’t we buy 10 thousands bowls of mee soup and keep it and sell it after ten years? You must be a genius cleverer than Einstein and Rockefeller if you are able to sell those mee soup ten years later.

Obviously, it is not the real estate or mee soup that increases price. It is our money in our pocket and our saving account that decreases value. A bowl of mee will always be a bowl of mee and a bungalow will always be a bungalow. But our banks always print extra money to spend. If you have built a bungalow, consider the price you want to sell it in both these situation:

1. Only 10 people want your bungalow and each have RM1 mil to spend.

2. Only 10 people want your bungalow and each have RM1k to spend.

Consider you are the only bungalow builder in the world and those 10 people are the wealthiest people in the world. How much will you sell your bungalow in both situations?

Apparently, it is not the money that holds the value. It is the product you created and its need among people that backed the money value.

So, next time you save your money, think twice; when you spend for your New Year goods and your latest mobile phone model, think trice.

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