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The Tale of Your Life: August 2009

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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Malaysians' Dream

There is a dream deep in all Malaysian heart. The dream, before Merdeka (independence), is once very enthusiastic that everyone sees it coming true until certain party threaten the public that if we live equally as Malaysian, a certain race is going to demolish. Malaysian is so frighten that this propaganda is true that we give up our dream.

As time goes by, the dream becomes so fragile that Malaysian can only whisper it. Anything more than that will bring jail, threat, death. Everyone is so afraid to even whisper it. Then along came a motherly-like advertisement and film director. She puts the Malaysian dream on every television and cinema in Malaysia, despite the threat, unrecognisable, and hatred. Her works show Malaysians that our dream, which is almost drown in the deepest corner of our heart, is very much alive. Love stories of our next generation will be destroy and brought to a sad ending if we drown our dream, our deepest need.

Now, she is gone. To me, she had gone too soon. The good news is the Malaysian dream has started to bloom a little here and there. Imagine Malaysians regardless the colour of our skin, share our cultures, thought, understand each festivals, criticize people base on individual (not race), and a country that do not divide her prosperity because it is always big enough for all. This is the Malaysian dream, and the late Yasmin Ahmad reminded us with her work. I will remember her, as Mother of Malaysia.

(Her movie "Talentime" (right) is my favourite that I think all Malaysian should watch. There is where all our talent is. And the song "I Go" by Pete Teo is heart-brokening.)

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