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The Tale of Your Life: July 2009

Where you understand life-changing meaning through other people's experience.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forecast Result for Teoh’s Death

The Magistrate:

He fell down. Die of serious head injury. He is lucky that he did not burst his head. There was a case where someone jumped down from 5th floor and his brain is all over with his limps twisted. Teoh did not. He is real lucky to have nothing broken, accept head injury that caused death.

The Royal Commission:

Yes, the MACC violate human rights. We have sent warning letter to them.

The Royal Police:

He dealt with the gangsters before. The gangsters went into the building of MACC and threw him down. We will be searching for the responsible gangsters.

--Case Close--

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Sad Joke

Q: Why the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) can't solve any case?

A: Because their witnesses will some how fall out from the window of the 14th floor.

Q: How many nice young man, with bright future, has parents, wife, baby, family, friends, etc like him have to die before we, Malaysian, realize that we need a change, seriously? How hard is it to lift ourselves up for a change?

A: When someone in our family being thrown down from the window at 14th floor by the authority.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Heaven or Hell?

When you were in a coma, god gives you a chance to choose whether you want to be in heaven or hell when your time comes.

God took you to hell. You found out that hell is helluva place where people having serious competition just to stay comfortable, forcing others to struggle so that they don’t have to, work hard and kill for food, mix with a group of people so that you got protected, live under a law so that you are safe, forced to cheat, sacrifice, drilled yourself to be more competitive, have fun yourself and ignore others, stay incomplete, work like a dog, fall in love and get hurt, always hungry for something, have limited time before you get into more torture, etc.

Then god brings you to heaven to find out an empty space with unlimited time and nothing to do, probably forever. You don’t get hungry, no emotional event, entertainment, food, nothing.

You ask god why there are only a few people in heaven, while hell is so crowded. God said he loves everyone and give everyone a choice regardless of what they did in life. But most of them chose hell.

“Why?” you asked.

“Because there is no hope in heaven, you’ll probably stuck there forever. While in hell, there are plenty of hopes in almost everything. It gives them a purpose, and thus making it interesting.”

Heaven or hell, which will you choose?

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