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The Tale of Your Life: May 2009

Where you understand life-changing meaning through other people's experience.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

仇人 與 恩人

大學剛畢業的時候,某電視公司請我去主持個特別節目, 那節目的導播看我文章不錯,又要我兼編劇。 可是當節目做完,領酬勞的時候, 導播不但不給我編劇費, 還扣我一半的主持費。

他把收據交給我說: 『你簽收一千六,但我只能給你八百,因為節目透支了。』

當時沒吭聲,照簽了,心想 【君子報仇,十年不晚。】 後來那導播又找我,我還 【照樣】幫他做了幾次。

後一次,他沒扣我錢,變得對我很客氣, 因為那時我被電視公司的新聞部看上, 一下子成為了電視記者兼新聞主播。

們後來常在公司遇到,他每次笑得都有點尷尬。 我曾經想去告他一狀,可是正如高中那位同學所說, 沒有他我能有今天嗎?

果我當初不忍下一口氣,又能繼續獲得主持的機會嗎? 機會是他給的,他是我的貴人,他已經知錯,我何必去報復呢?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Changing Religions

I always hate people who ask others to change religion.

The reason is simple, a person believes what he/she supposed to and the result is what he/she is today. If you want this person to change religion, it is almost the same as “if you believe in what I believe, your future would be better than now”, which also means he/she is a loser now when compare to you.

Hello, do you have a crystal ball? I know fortune tellers have. Why doesn’t everyone believe in them? At least they tell us our future, not giving us illusions like god love us, and we suffer in life because god knows why…

Why don’t just leave them alone? They’ll find something to believe in which might be more suitable for them.  

Religious people are spiritual people. They are not sales person who run around telling people to buy a product which will “make their life better”.

Plus, I thought religions strongly against war? Why war amongst other religions? Aren’t you contradict with your believe when you ask others to join you?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time or Money?

People always says that time is money. This has cause many people to work hard for money.

Is time really equals to money?

If you think it is, I disagree with you.

I think time is all we have in life. How long our life is depends on how much time we have.

Money is something people sacrifice their time to earn. Yes, it is important. It is one of the most important element that determines how we can spend the time we have left.

If you come into a situation to choose between time and money, which will you choose?

Many will choose money because it is a way to secure the next meal.

But I had chose time. Hoping the thing I do in this time I earned will make my life more meaningful and happier in the long run.

Am I nuts?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Patience & Courage

"Knowledge need patience, action need courage. If you have a combination of both, you can be really successful."

-Donald J. Trump-

I think this is so true.

Arrogant people think they are the best and try to suppress others are people who lack patience. They have the courage to take action to show off and suppress others. But they lack the knowledge to maintain their success.

Most intellectuals do not get far in life because they do not have the courage to take responsible on their failure. They are so afraid of failure that they do not take any action.

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